Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Scarecrow mini quilt & other sewing

First up,the Fall mini quilt that I made today.
Midas decided that I needed some help with this photo,so he
jumped up on the bed to help :)

I finally persuaded him that his help was not needed.  So he
turned his attention to the mini-blind rod on the bed beside
the quilt.

Here it is in its new home.  The lighting made it hard to get a
good photo!

Next up is a tortilla warmer that I made for Jolene.
The pattern from Teachers Pet,that I used only called
for warm & natural in-between the two bottom pieces.

I am not happy with how this turned out,so will be making
another one with another piece of batting added to the two
top pieces as well.
The whole idea is to keep the tortillas warm,and without
the batting in the top pieces,I don't think that the tortillas
will stay warm for long.

Next up are some bath towels that have been sitting
in my to do pile,for a year now!
It was high time for me to get these done.
The first set is a dusky blue,which I added a strip of
duck fabric to.

The second set is also  blue,but a lighter shade.
On this set I added some fishing fabric.

Next up is my favorite set.  This set is white and
I found a perfect strip of Christmas fabric with
candy on it. :)

Lastly is a deep red/burgundy color set.  For
these I added a strip of fall harvest fabric.
It feels great to finally move these to the done
area of my sewing room :)
I still have one more single white towel to do,but I
haven't decided if yet wither or not to purchase another
towel,or just make a single one.

These will be going to the craft fair with me on the 22nd
of this month.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)
I am off to watch some football with Mr. P,while making
a pile of yoyos!


  1. How did you add the fabric to your towels? Just curious! =)


  2. The towels are great. I'm not a huge fan of Christmas stuff but I really did love the Christmas one :) Liked your mini quilt too! That cat of yours is to darn cute. I hope that he's adjusting well and letting you love him up!


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