Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pesto,tomatoes & placemats

Lots of garden goodness :)
5 containers of pesto are now in the freezer.
The zip bag on the right has dehydrated tomatoes in it.
A variety of tomatoes.
Cinnamon basil drying in the bowl off to the right.
Zucchini & yellow squash.

Here is a place mat top that is in progress.  This one will be
for Mr. P :)
Not sure that I like the fabric combo,but he does,and that is
what matters.

This one will be for me.
I took this photo on my kitchen table,and the colors blend
way to much :(
Now I need to pick out the fabric for the back sides of each one.

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  1. The garden goodness will be wonderful this winter! And you will be using the wonderful place mats soon. They're looking good!

  2.'ve been busy! How wonderful to have all those yummy treats to savor in the coming cold months :)

  3. Love those sundried tomatoes! I am going to try that! pretty placemats too.

  4. Sorry to have been silent so long, I just got my computer back to being able to comment everywhere. Congrats on the bake sale, everything looks delicious. Some of my favorite time of year is my time in the Sunflower Patch, whatever the season. I like both placemats, the blue border on Mr. P's picks up on the blue of the nutcracker very nicely. Wonderful produce, the cinnamon basil pesto has my mouth watering. I'd better end this stream of semi-conciousness before I come to rapids and really start babbling.


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