Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Giveaway # 3

Would you like to own these goodies??!
Well then,all you have to do is...

Tell me your favorite time of year and why it is your favorite!
That is all :)

My favorite time of year is Fall/Autumn.
~The air has that crisp feel to it~
~Harvest is in full swing~
~The Aspens are turning~
~We are canning,freezing & dehydrating~
~I don't mind having a quilt on my lap~


  1. I don't really want the goodies, but I think I love all times of the year! I love spring because of all the flowers and hope of life and warmth. I love summer because it is warm and there is lots of adventure to be had! I love fall because of the beautiful colors of the trees (especially aspens and maples) and the crunchy leaves and the rain! Also winter is good because of the adventurous snow sports, and fun indoor family activities like baking and playing games!

  2. It has to be the fall. I love the feel of a cozy sweater!

  3. i love fall - the cooler weather, color changes and hot cider, soups and stews. Plus its my birthday in Oct. so whats not to like! thanks!

  4. i love the fall! layers of clothes, color, food =i love the layers!

  5. I'm an autumn girl, I grew up in New England and I love all the colors on the Sugar Maples. But seeing all your baking reminds me, it's time to turn on the oven and get some baking done!! (LOVE pumpkin Bread). It was too hot this summer to bake!!!

  6. I love the colors of autumn, the pumpkins, halloween, and the crisp mornings.

  7. Autumn is beautiful here in KY and I love that things slow down but Spring is equally beautiful when everything seems to go from black and white to color. Most people hate winter but I think it looks so pretty when everything is white and pristine after a fresh fallen snow..... Guess I like all seasons. :-)

  8. My favorite time of year is Summer. I love the sun and the shine and the heat!!

  9. I'm a definite fan of Autumn for the weather and the colors, but I also love Winter (at least up until Christmas/until the snow gets old... LOL).


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