Saturday, August 13, 2011

!@*!! Thieves

This morning when I went outside to look at my beautiful
sunflowers,I made a Rotten Discovery!!!
My Car doors were open wide (I always Lock my car,even at
home in the driveway) it was hot yesterday so I left my windows
down about 3 inches. 
My Bad :(
Now some Thieve is the new owner of my
I Pod,Garmin,Cell phone car charger & All the cords that go with
Thankfully Mr. P (who doesn't lock his truck,but will be doing so from now on)
didn't have anything of real value in his truck to be Stolen,other than his
Mag-Light flashlight. :(

So Please learn from my mistake (even tho I locked my car)
Always Lock your vehicle and Roll up the windows (even if its 100 degrees out)!
No matter where you are parked!!!

Now I am sitting here waiting for the Police to get off their coffee & doughnut
break and show up to take a report.  (called them a couple of hours ago)
And in a town this small,you would think that they would be here a whole
lot sooner.

Hope everyone is having a much better start to the weekend than I am :)

I still have 2 spots open in my Pay ~ It ~ Forward
Is my sewing/crafting that bad?  Or are my followers
just to busy?


  1. AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH! Thank goodness the theives were at least satisfied with their haul and didn't take the cars! Even if just for the novelty of it, I wish they'd left a Thank You note. Well, the novelty and the fingerprints.

  2. I'm so sorry Sunflower Patch. You must feel so frustrated.

    As for traffic on your Pay It Forward... I think it is just that people are busy. Not much going on at our site either. Thinking of maybe taking a break or at least giving ourself the liberty of not having to put out a new post everyday.

  3. This is really crummy... so sorry this happened to you! Once, my dad had his wallet stolen out of his truck that was IN his garage... not sure why he left his wallet in his truck, but still.

  4. I'm sooo sorry! At least with the windows down they didn't break anything, did they? And thank you for the reminder to make sure the windows are UP.

  5. I would LOVE an item from you...however, I would have to follow up with 3 items to pay forward...and I am afraid I would be over extending myself...starting new job, etc. So, don't take it personal!!


  6. So sorry to hear this! It's always so frustrating when things like this happen. Hope your day gets better from here :)


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