Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sewing Sneak peak

So I was having such a hard time deciding what block
pattern to use for my partner in the Christmas Block Exchange
After looking at numerous blocks I narrowed it down to two
different blocks.  (She likes all things Amish)  So one of the
blocks up for consideration was a Amish Star.  The other
one is called Christmas Geese.
Can you guess from the photo above which one I finally
decided on?
This photo up loaded sideways,don't know why that just
happens out of the blue sometimes?

Have you ever seen or used a corn cocoon?  I picked up a pattern
last week when mom and I were in the city shopping.
They were super easy to make :)
I also picked up a tortilla warmer pattern as Jolene has been
asking for one for a while now.  So sometime soon she will
have a surprise in the mailbox when she opens it up!

Remember the softie that I won back during the
May day giveaway?  Well here it is (on the left)
The one on the right is a scrappy cat that I found a
pattern for in a book I checked out at the local Library.

Lastly, I thought that I would share a couple of photos of
the sunflowers in my "patch" this year!

The other morning when I went to take pictures there were
bees all over the place.  They sure weren't happy with me
messing around with the flowers they were pollinating!
But they tolerated me,and I was even able to get some pretty
cool photos with bees on the sunflowers :)
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  1. WOW! Your sunflowers are gorgeous! I have never seen red ones before! My mom's are always 6 feet tall and VERY yellow :)

  2. have amazing sunflowers!! Mine have never come out that well...and they get floppy, so I have to stake them. :(


  3. That Christmas quilt is going to be spectacular! My first thought was The Tsar's Bedroom, the fabrics are all so elegant. I particularly like the red swirly and black filigree ones. They remind me of your blog background. That is a nice variety of sunflower. I have a few sunflower pics on my blog that you might enjoy, but I've never labeled my posts, dang it.

  4. I haven't ever seen a corn cocoon, is that like the bake potato bags? The Kitties are sure cute! Nice that you made a friend for the one you won in the give away. And lastly, LOVE the colors of your sunflowers!

  5. Not to just be a copy cat, since everybody else beat me to posting about your sunflowers, but they're gorgeous. Inspires me to for sure grow some morning glories and maybe a passion flower vine too next year.
    Those corn cocoons are cute. You have so many handmade items in your kitchen it's awesome. You can cook corn in the cob in the microwave with them I'm assuming.
    And the kitties look like nice simple stuffed animals.


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