Saturday, August 6, 2011

First block received! & other stuff

Hey everybody!  Did you think that I forgot I have a blog?
Well be assured that I did not!  Just have been busy hanging
out with mom & dad :)
Above is Mr. P proudly modeling his new fishing bag that I
made for him. 

Here is a close up.
He needed a cool bag to keep his Whoppers in so that he
can transport them home from the fishing hole of the day!

I happened to have some Heat ~ N ~ Bond iron on Vinyl and
some fishie fabric!
So voila!

My First EvEr paper pieced block!!!
I made this earlier today,and am very happy with how it turned
out :)
The photo was taken on a sunflower leaf :)
I am thinking of making a small clutch with this on the

These are the Christmas prints that I picked out to make
Melissa's Block with!
I haven't decided yet if I will be using all or just some of them.

I saved the best for last!!!
Here in all its Glory is My block that Melissa Whipped up
and sent to me!  (Man that girl is fast)
I placed the block on a piece of  white with silver fabric that I
have in my stash.
Doesn't it just make you want to make a snow man! :)

THANK YOU Melissa!! :+)
I Love It.

On a serious note...
If you are a believer,or person of Faith Please,Please pray for Jolene &Gil.
Their Dad is in the Hospital on Life Support!

So Gil at the age of 18 has to make the Hardest Decision of his young life in the
very near future.
To Keep his dad on Life Support or Take him off.
So I would GREATLY APPRECIATE your prayers for both
of my kids in this very difficult time in their young lives.
Thank You in Advance :)


  1. Prayers for Jolene and Gil, God will guide them during this difficult time.

    On a lighter note, lots of cool stuff is coming out of that sewing room of yours. Keep it up! You inspire us!

  2. I will keep your family in my prayers. It's a very hard road to travel but I always think that God doesn't give us things that He knows we can't handle. That may be true or not but it's something I like to tell myself.
    You've been making some great stuff lately. Plus I saw that you were a Stashtacular winner! Way to go!

  3. My prayers are with Gil, Jolene and their Dad. A difficult decision at any age, but esp. at eighteen. God bless them all! Thank you for the blogger award, CeLynn - that's very sweet of you :-)

  4. Everyone is in my prayers and I am so glad that my block brightened your day. Enjoy your visit with your parents!


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