Friday, August 19, 2011

Christmas Geese block reveal ~ ect.

Finally got this shipped out to Melissa a couple of days ago.
She received it today,and is very pleased :)  YaY!
Hope I do this well with all the other blocks in the swap/exchange!
I am so happy with how this block turned out,so have already
cut the fabric for 2 more which will be used to make a table runner.


If you are a follower you know that I was involved in Stashtactular
for the month of August.  It was such a blast,that I hope we do
it again next summer!
Anyway I won the Grand Prize which was a $25 gift card to
1choice4quilting :)
The photo above is the Loot that I purchased with said $$$

The Martini fabric in the middle of this clutch is one of the
many scraps that was in my return swap box of fabric & scrap
I posted about it here a few days ago.

This is the reverse/back side of the clutch.  The black and gingham
strip of fabric in the center also came from my swap box :)
The personal add fabric I found recently while shopping in the
city with mom!

Who doesn't/didn't love EEyore?!
This pile of scrap-booking love was given to me
by mom :)  She knows that I love EEyore,so she
had been collecting and saving all this up to bring
when her and dad came to visit :)

Of all my hobby's and crafts scrap booking is the
one that gets the least attention :(
So sometime this winter I am going to have to make a
play date with EEyore!


  1. What a lot of goodies in this post. Those nutcrackers are priceless and that clutch tells a whole story, from personal ad to meeting over drinks. How many heartaches and funny stories start that way? Congrats on the prize, I can't wait to see what you twist your way into.

  2. Looks like you made out like a bandit with your win! Thank you again for my block! I absolutely love it!

  3. Wow, you got some cool stuff with your $$$. Love your Christmas geese block, that is going to look great as a table runner. Cute clutches. As always, you amaze me with all you do! :-)

  4. Love today's post. You have neat ideas. I also have the lil twister which reminds me to get upstairs and get busy. LOL I think I may have to get the standard size Twister. :-) Have a great day! Quiltpecan


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