Wednesday, July 6, 2011

test sunflower & giveaway winner!!

Remember the fabric in my giveaway?
Well today was the day to pick a winner...
And the Winner is...
Kitten With a Whiplash

Thank you to everyone who entered :)

So here is my test sunflower.
Not to bad for a first try,however my steam a seam is 12 inches
wide and my sunflower is 16 inches from tip to tip.  Also the center
is to small.
I am going to have to find a pattern some where I guess.


  1. I think your sunflower is really pretty! I think my prize is gorgeous! Thanks so much, my addy is on it's way to you

  2. I agree, the sunflower is very pretty. And congrats to Kitten With a Whiplash!


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