Monday, July 11, 2011

summer projects update

In May I joined up with FairyFace Designs to do a summer
projects list.  Here is my Mid-Summer update.

These are the apple squares that I planned to make coasters
out of,all finished.

Sprocket pillows were another project on my list.
Here they are all finished.  These were very fun to make
and I plan on making more in the future.
Next is my Max & Whiskers quilt.

 I wanted to take a picture of
it outside today,but it was raining.  So here is a close-up of part
of it.

This is the last finished project.
The Zippy Strippy bags/pouches.
These were also fun to make,except for adding the zipper!

I also finished a whole lot more that was not on my list.  If you remember
that I recently had a booth at a craft sale.  Most of the things that I
took to sell I made this last month also!

The only thing that was on my original "List" that I haven't yet
finished is the Abby Bag.  So not to shabby for only being Mid way
though :)
Guess I need to make another List for the remainder of the summer :)
Coming up soon!
Linking up to FairyFace Designs  Mid-Summer check in.


  1. Yay, CeLynn, you've done so much. I just adore those sprocket pillows, they are FAB!!

  2. I LOVE those sprocket pillows! I must give them a whirl! Thanks so much for your comment on my Cherry Limeade chillers. Our's havent discontinued them yet, but at least now I have a back up. ;) Have a good day!


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