Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fresh veggies & more solar lights

So there I was out in the garden pulling weeds today after work.
When I heard something calling to me,it sounded like Pick Me!
So that is just what I did :)
From top left...
Cinnamon Basil
Swiss Chard
Yellow summer Squash
Red Winter Kale
(the strawberries were great)
As will the rest of these goodies be too!

This is the pattern I am working on for my appliqued
flowers on my (very late) Posie Patch quilt.
I am thinking that this might actually be to big of a
since I don't have any extra fabric for making my sunflowers I am
going to sew one using a different fabric first.
In the back ground is a Lucky Bamboo plant that my
neighbor brought over this evening,a gift for looking after
her kitties this past weekend while she and hubby were out
of town!
They are such great neighbors :)

Here is another set of Solar Lights that I made up recently.
This is my Favorite set yet!

The light pattern they cast off is just so Awesome!

If you haven't entered my fabric giveaway yet,there is still a few more hours
for you to do sew!
Check it out here


  1. You are a genius!! You mean, I don't have to have the ugly stakes that come with the solar lights? I could pick out some cool cut glass stuff at the thrift store instead? I love you!! (But ssshhh...don't tell my husband...I'm not sure he would understand! :)!! )

    Deb from clutteredquilter.blogspot.com

  2. these lights are cool. I think the cut pattern really sets these off too. Neat!! :-) And I have LOTS of glass! :-) Have a great day!

  3. I wish my garden produce looked like that! I guess my husband didn't water it enough while I was gone... : (
    Hopefully we'll get that in order soon and be able to boast the same, esp. on the Kale... : )

  4. These lights are so cute and creative.


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