Thursday, July 28, 2011

First project from Fresh Fabric Treats Book

The first project from our new book (Fresh
Fabric Treats)  Is called "Shirt of my bag"
This has to be hands down the cutest lil
bag that I have ever made!
Not only are they cute they are super easy
to whip up :)

Here are the two that I made this evening!
I didn't get them finished in time to take a
picture outside.
I made two because a friend of mine owns a
ranch,and she loves western style everything :)
Her anniversary is coming up this next month,
so she will get to pick her favorite one as a gift!

Will try to get a picture taken outside tomorrow.


  1. Awesome, they look so cute, especially the one on the left with the diamonds.

  2. I'm glad I don't have to decide which one I would want, both are too cute!

  3. I bought this book too. I agree these bags were a neat idea and I also agree that the instructions made for a quick gift and project. I'm really thrilled with this book. Not always satisfied with my book purchases but this one is a winner! Your finished project is GREAT!! Quiltpecan :-)

  4. Those bags are so adorable. What a clever idea. Love them!


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