Saturday, July 2, 2011

enough is enough!

I am really ashamed to post this photo!
This morning, I sewed up six sets of burp cloths to add to the growing
pile of things for the craft fair.
Then had a yummy chicken salad sandwich for lunch :)
When I came back to do some more sewing,this mess that is my sewing
room was screaming Clean Me Up!
So,that is exactly what I did.  For the next 2-3 hours,I re arranged  and

Here is the first photo of the re arrange.
My sewing table was between the two tiny windows.
Which is not bad in the winter,in the summer however it is
bad!  The reason being, I live in a tin box (old mobile home).
So there is very little air movement if any at all.  And with the
table in the middle of both windows,if there was a breeze I sure
never felt it.
Now at least if there is a breeze I will at least feel it,however slight!

Moving around to the right from where my sewing table is now.
Sorry the photos are a little dark.
Since I moved everything around,I now need Mr.P to move my
lighting too.
To the left you can see one and part of the other bag trees that
Mr. P made for all of my bags to be displayed on :)
They are full to overflowing right now!
Hope I sell a bunch of these on Monday!

A little better view of the second bag tree.
Also part of the back wall.

My fabric stash closet behind the door.
We need to get either carpet or linoleum in this room.
Maybe that will happen later this summer or fall.


  1. makes me wanna get myself in gear and clean up my room too. maybe i will find some inspiration in or under a pile somewhere!! :-)

  2. I like the rearrange, certainly looks cleaner!


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