Thursday, July 21, 2011

EEk! I ran out of White Thread!!!

So the plan was to get All of my blocks sewed together
this evening.  That is until I suddenly realized that I am Totally
out of white thread!  Grrr!
This is how far I got this evening,2 blocks finished and one more
half way done.

So I thought about making some of the things from Stashtactular
since I haven't made anything from the tutorials yet!


Decided that first I should finish up my summer projects list,
as this is the last project on it!

This is how far I was able to get this evening.
(sorry about the shadow)
I added my own touch by putting a silk flower in the middle
of the pincushion,on top of the button!


  1. Love the quilt blocks!! Pretty pretty. I tell ya.... i used to run out of thread but each time I go to the quilt shop or fabric store, I buy a spool of thread. Sometimes basic colors. Sometimes whatever catches my eye. I got Sydneykatt to do the same thing and now we always have something that will match or blend!! Also ... check out the markdowns for grey and beige. They can be used on nearly everything. My new Neutrals. :-)
    Hope you are keeping cool.... Quiltpecan

  2. I love that pincushion. Did you make that too? Never thought about how you could do that. I'll be interested to see the finished product. : )


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