Monday, June 20, 2011

Embellished Tea Towels

This stack of hand/tea towels has been sitting in my to do
basket for quite awhile now.
So the other evening I decided what fabric to use on them.

Now all they need is a little ribbon around each set and they
will be ready to sell :)


  1. How pretty! Do you sew ribbon with the fabric or tie the towels together with ribbon?


  2. Did you just sew the fabric straight to the towels? or is there more to it? Very cute!

  3. You sure are knocking out the summer projects. Go CeLynn!

  4. I need to check out my sewing room for some UFO's..... Love how these turned out for you!! :-) My sister in law was talking about wanting new towels.. I should dress some up for her. Yours turned out so nice!! :-) Hope you are having a good spring/summer!

  5. They came out great! Love your fabric choices. You have such a great eye :)


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