Sunday, May 8, 2011

Solar Lights & other stuff

So I saw a tute on a linking party for how to make these very
cool solar lights!  The problem is that for the life of me I can
Not remember which party or who's blog it was on!

I want to give credit, so if anyone knows please let me know
so that I can post a link and give credit.
These were so easy and fun to make!  In the tute they used
half pint mason/canning jars, but I just used jars from my
collection.  (I had bought lots of different jars when I was
making bath salts.

Here is the start of  our garden :)  This year I decided that we
would have raised beds.  One of our neighbors gave us all the
wood, he works for cdot(Colorado Department of Transportation).
Since these were last years they couldn't use them!!!
We ran out of light so didn't get everything planted, and had
to finish today. 
But I forgot to take pictures when we finished.

This is my Max & whiskers quilt all cut out, Yay!  I am so happy
that I was able to get it all cut this weekend! 
The mat underneath was a Mothers Day present to myself!
Leaning up against the table is a metal carpenters yard stick, which
is actually 47 inches long.  Perfect for sewing since most fabric
is 44-45 inches wide.  Mr. P bought it for me, because I have been
using a old piece of molding.  As the longest acrylic ruler I had was
only 18 inches long.

While at the apple blossom festival this weekend we found
this spinner.
The picture didn't turn out very well.  It has the Marine Cop.
emblem on it and says, United States Marine Corps.
Hope everyone else had as nice a Mothers Day weekend as
I did!


  1. did you make those solar lights anyways?? They look nice and colorful, perfect deco for a yard in the summer.

  2. Oh yeah, and that garden is looking awesome and crazy too! What do you have planted in there now?
    They look like islands of yummy veggies beckoning to the wind-tossed sailor...or something like that :)

  3. Looks like you sure have lots going on! I'm waiting for my quilt pattern to start cutting my pieces. I can't wait to get started on my first real quilt. It's a baby quilt for my Daughter's little baby girl due in June :)


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