Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rocks,Sunflowers,Care packages & Yard Sales

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This is my rock garden, almost all put back together!
Last weekend Mr. P & I took out every Single ROck!  Cleaned
out all the leaves and debris and then started to put them back.
I say started, because we both had to give-up when we were
about 2/3 of the way done putting the rocks back.
We had sore backs and legs for the first half of the week.
Now we just have to get the sand for the path around &
also the path to the apple tree.

This is where my sunflower garden goes every year.  This
evening I planted them all!  you can't see them to well
because the tallest ones are only around 3 inches high so far.
This year I took some of my rocks and bordered all of my
flower beds with them.
I put some of my pinwheels here too!  But I need to make some

Here are the items Mr. P & I are including in the
care package we will be sending to our Marines.
It is the least we can do for them, seeing ALL
That They DO for Us!!!
Visit Sage Endeavors for more details, or if you
would like to send a care package too :@)

Last but not least, Yard Sales!
These are 5 simplicity panels with 2 dresses on each for 18"
dolls.  Not pictured is more fabric (that is in the wash) that
I Picked up from a free box at one of the yard sales!!
I also found some kool jars to make solar lights with!
Didn't have any sewing time today,but hopefully tomorrow :)


  1. Love your garden. You had some great finds at the yard sales.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm a new follower!


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