Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finally Finished!!!

Here it is Finally!
I posted about this quilt way back in February,here yikes!
Anyway, here it is.  This quilt is for my Big Sis :)
I am glad that it is finished, not only because now I can send
it to T, but because it was a pain from start to finish.
It certainly isn't a anywhere near as perfect as I had
hoped :(  But I also know that she will love it in spite
of all the flaws it has.
Even tho I loaded this pic twice, it still came out
sideways :(
This is a mug rug that I made using scraps
from the quilt.  It also didn't turn out as nice
as I had hoped it would.
Sigh, maybe one of these days I will be able to
bind things without them turning out looking
like they got in a fight with the sewing machine!
This is the only thing that I am very happy with :)
It is a coaster, that T can use for her tea cup at her desk.
So now I can go sew without feeling guilty about
not having this finished and shipped!


  1. CeLynn, your quilt turned out great. We are our own worst critics. Only you know where your mistakes are, no one else will notice them. Relax and enjoy!

  2. Oh My Gosh, it is marvelous! You should be very proud!

  3. Such nice bright colors! It all goes together really well.

  4. I love bright colors! This is really a great quilt and will cheer up any room :-)


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