Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birds & a Doctor?

If you remember not to long ago I posted about this bird
Well as you can see it was a big hit with the little birds in our

These two birds seemed to be saying "Hey stop with the pictures
already and fill the jar"!

These are some of the gourds that I am trying to grow this
year in the garden!
If they do well I will have some cool new fall crafts to work on
this year :)

Here are Jolene and her DH yesterday after
We now have a Doctor in the family :)
They are heading off to Indiana the first week
in June,because that is where he will be doing his
Jolene will be going back to school to earn her PHD
in Biology!
I will miss Her sooo much (sad face) :(


  1. It looks like your bird feeder has been a big hit...and no squirrels?! Even better! Deb from

  2. Congratulations to your SIL. A major accomplishment. Love your feeders, I just haven't made it to the feed store to pick up a chicken feeder yet, but I'm going to try and make one.


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