Friday, April 15, 2011

Surpise Gift & craft containers

Check out this Way Kool purse/bag that came in the mail
This is the surprise gift.  Mary Ann over at Rock'nQuilts
sent it to me :0)  She is the sweetest lady!
I posted a comment on her blog a couple of
weeks ago, that I loved this bag!
I Love it even more in person!!

The card she made and sent with it is just the sweetest too!
The caption in the middle of the card says:
Friends are like purses...
You cannot have too many of them!
So true.
Thank you soooooo Much Mary Ann :)
This is my New Fave bag!!!

You have inspired me to pay it forward!
Will be posting on that soon :)
Visit Rock'nQuilts here

Now the craft containers
I found these little containers a couple weeks ago at the
dollar store.
This evening I pulled them out, along with some buttons and
other crafty stuff.
First I Modge Podged a small square of fabric onto the lid
of each one.  Then I hot glued on buttons, and whatever
else looked good to me!

Here you can see the whole container!  This was a fun little
project :)


  1. This made me smile! :-) Now we match!! Have fun with your present and it's exciting to know you've been inspired to 'pay it forward'....I wonder what you're going to do?!?!? :-) Enjoy! Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts

  2. Your right that purse is cute! I love the container idea! They would be perfect for small presents, instead of wrapping paper. I know a certain teenage girl (my brat...LOL) that could put all her bangle bracelets in one and not on every flat surface in the house! Enjoy your weekend!


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