Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh Baby ! Yo Yo's

I found this little hamper at the thrift store last summer.  It was
a steal at $3.00! 
It had some very dirty fabric and matching trim on it when I
purchased it, which I took off and replaced with the ladybug
fabric.  Then it sat in a corner of my sewing room, because I
just couldn't find any trim to go with the ladybug fabric.
So while straightening up my sewing room on vacation a thought
occurred to me , why not use yo yo's instead of trim?

So after looking through my stash and finding some fabrics
that would work, this is what I came up with!
After making all the yo yo's I plugged in the glue gun and
got to work.
First I glued some sheer white ribbon left over from  making Jolene's
wedding bouquet, then on went the yo yo's!

Here is a close-up shot!  It turned out so cute!
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  1. Wow! What a cute way to dress up a hamper!

    My girls' hamper is their daddy's from his college days! Barf! :)

  2. The yoyos are adorable! I love the makeover. =] Great steal!

  3. This is really a cute hamper! I'm sure it makes the laundry more fun! YoYo's are great for so many things. Nice job~

  4. Very clever and cute! I love projects that repurpose and reuse. Wonderful idea!

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