Sunday, April 17, 2011

Growing your own Sprouts

You will need  wide mouth canning jars, with rings and
a piece of screen to fit inside the ring.  I cut up some old screen
we had and used it, until I found the lids pictured above at
a health food store.
Of course you will need some sprouting seeds too!
My favorite are Radish and Red Clover, however there are
lots of different kinds to chose from.
This time I am using Clover and Bean Salad sprouts.
The black tray pictured had pre-made hamburger patties in it
But it works great for draining the excess water from the jars.

The first step is to pour enough seeds into your jars to cover
the bottom of the jar.  My jars are quart sized, but you can
use pint size if you want less sprouts.

Next you will add 3-4 inches of cold water to cover the seeds,
and then set aside over night.

In the morning, set your jars in the sink and let cold water
run into the jar for about 30 seconds to 1 minute to rinse the
seeds thoroughly.  Then, turn upside down and let the water
drain out.  After you have drained out all the water place in the
tray, with the top of the jar facing down.  This way any remaining
water can drain out.
Place in a sunny window, or on the counter where there is lots of
You will need to rinse your seeds every morning and every evening
for 4-7 days, depending on the amount of sunlight and how hot it is,
until they are ready.  (in the summer it takes less time, as it it much

This is day 4 of my sprouting process.  As you can see the
Clover seeds are sprouting faster than the Bean Salad
sprouts are.  Some seeds sprout faster than others.

Day 6
My Clover sprouts are ready!  It will be another day before
the Bean Salad sprouts are done.

So here I am about ready to take my Clover sprouts out and
use them on a sandwich!
If you love sprouts and have a little patience, you can grow them
yourself, year round.  Although most people use them on salads,
they can be used on or in other dishes too.


  1. I haven't done this for years, thanks for the reminder. Where did you get your seeds? At the Health Food Store?

  2. I bought the supplies last year to grow some sprouts...I did it once and loved it. Then promptly forgot about it :-( Thanks for the reminder!

  3. hmmm interesting.... I will have to use this in the future. :)

  4. Although the radish sprouting seeds are excellent, I also love broccoli and alfalfa!!
    Unfortunately we live in the city now, so we don't have a local health food store. Whenever we can get into the country, we stock up. When we move further away we might have to get our seeds online. Would appreciate any tips!


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