Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flannel Embellished burp cloth Tutorial

Supply's needed to make one set of 3 burp cloths:
3 ~ Cloth diapers
1/3 yard flannel (print of your choice)
Thread ~ either matching or contrasting
Scissors/rotary cutter
Sewing Machine
The package of cloth diapers pictured above is Child of Mine
brand, by Carters, and it has 6 cloth diapers in it.  I prefer to
use Gerber brand, but our local store no longer carry's that
brand.  You can use any brand you like.
You can actually make 4 burp cloths with 1/3 yard of

With your rotary cutter or scissors cut your flannel in half,
or two strips 6 inches wide each.
Next cut your strips 20 1/2 inches long.

This will give you room to fold under your fabric, as shown
above.  Take one of your strips of fabric and lay it down the
middle of your cloth diaper.  Where it is padded.  This middle
part of the diaper should measure about 4 3/4 inches wide.

Fold the end of your flannel over towards the back (see picture)
This fold will be about half an inch.  Next fold in both sides,
use the width of the padded part of the cloth diaper to gauge
the right width.  I try to keep my fabric lined up with the
stitching of the padded middle part of the cloth diaper.
Once you have your flannel folded and lined up pin it
to the cloth diaper.

Now you are ready to begin sewing the flannel to the cloth
diaper.  Make sure to back stitch when starting to sew, or if
your machine has a knot button you can use that.
Keep your needle as close to the edge of the fabric as you
can, without sewing off of the edge.
Sew all the way down the side of the fabric.
When you get to the other end, lift up your presser foot and
turn the fabric.  Making sure to keep the needle in the down
position (in the fabric)  Now sew across the end.  Repeat
the process at the next corner.
It didn't show up very well, but I was trying to show how the
fabric lines up with the stitching on the cloth diaper here.
Here is the picture right before lifting the presser foot and
turning the fabric.
Sew the other side and across the other end.  Remember to
back stitch at the end, like you did at the beginning.
Here are the three finished burp cloths.
This set is a "sampler" which is why the three burp cloths
are not all made from the same print.

Here is my set of burp cloths all tied up with a bow and ready
to sell!
Hope this tutorial is easy to understand.  If you have any
questions feel free to email me!

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  1. You have created a very nice, detailed tutorial! You should include your etsy shop link so that people can go directly there from this post and then "link" up to a etsy linky party where people go to shop from etsy accounts so you can receive more exposure for your work :-) I received the beautiful USAF fleece fold-up quilt you created today - thank you SEW much!!!

  2. SEW glad you liked the quillow! Thank you for the suggestion to add a link to my eBay store :)

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, I need to make some of these!

  4. Great Tutorial, I have heard that Gerbers is better than Carters, so interesting.


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