Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter with Maxine?

So this is what it looked like outside this Easter Sunday!
The snow melted off in short order, and the rest of the day
it has drizzled off and on.
which is fine because we need the moisture.

Here are the Maxine Napkins that I finished
sewing this morning.
There are 3 sets of 8 napkins each, and then
6 that I am keeping.

Here are the back sides of all the napkins.  I
tried to pick a coordinating color for the backside
of each napkin.
Which made me realize that I need some yellows,
reds, and pinks for my stash!

Here are 5 of the 9 different Maxine sayings
that are on the front of each napkin.

These are the other 4 Maxine sayings on the front side of
each napkin.
I should have had 4 sets of 8 napkins.  However the person
who cut the fabric either for me, or for the person before me,
cut through some of the squares, and I wasn't able to use
them.  Grrr Hate it when that happens!  Because you know that
I had to pay for All the fabric.
Oh well, I still love how my napkins turned out :)


  1. We will share some moisture with you!!! We've had about 10 inches avg in KY!!! :-( Too much. Some places got drowned today. We have been spared so far today.
    I took advantage of the sun and planted some Sunflowers! :-) I'll think of you and your blog when they come up!! :-) Quiltpecan

  2. I love the Napkins! Where in the world did you find Maxine fabric? I really like the coordinating backs!


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