Saturday, April 30, 2011

Climb to Conquer Hike

Today was the Climb To Conquer Cancer Hike.
For some reason (?) my pictures loaded backwards!
So according to all of the weather forecasts we were supposed to
have really bad weather.
The predictions were...Cold,Windy, Rain/Snow
Well as you can see they were wrong!

We woke-up to sunny sky's!
A bit of a breeze and 45 degrees.
Here are Jolene, Mr. P, and me at the top of S Mt.

Here I am looking west, at Monarch Mt. and also the Collegiate

This is looking south at the Swatch range, with part of Salida
in the foreground.

Here are Jolene and Mr. P posing off to the side of the building
at the top.

Here I am standing on the road and looking up at the little

Another picture of part of the building and Mr. P

Looking east at more of the Swatch range of Mts.

This is looking at downtown Salida.  The small square of
pavement is a parking area west of the park where we started
our hike.

This is the "S" hence the name S Mt.  This is lighted up at night,
it alternates the white "S" & a Red heart, which is not visible
except at night.
At the beginning of December, after the "Parade of Lights"
Santa Claus throws the switch that lights up a Christmas Tree
complete with decorations!

Here I am at the parking lot looking up at "S" Mt.

This is looking down the Arkansas River (which runs next to
the park) next to Riverside park.

This is looking up river.
It took us about an hour and forty five minutes to hike up and
back down.
We then walked around the down town, as I wanted to go to the
book store, and Mr. P wanted to go to the Mountain sports store.
Neither of us found what we were looking for :(
So we went home and had lunch :)
The rest of the day was spend hanging out with Jolene :)

Hope you had a awesome day too!


  1. What a beautiful day for a hike! So glad it ended up nice for you instead of the cold, rainy/snowy day they were predicting. Great pictures.

  2. Glad you had such a beautiful day to spend with the family and for a great cause! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  3. Thanks for the gorgeous pics!! I'm so glad you had fantastic weather for the hike!!!!

  4. Gotta love those mountains...
    I'm really really going to miss them when I leave Colorado :(
    You sure are a good and thorough photographer.


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