Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cancer bake sale goodies

I'm Baked!  Came home from work early today to do a bunch
of baking for our second Cancer bake sale.
Just finished a few minutes ago, whew!  I am about ready to
fall into bed :)
4 loaves of Herb Cheese bread (recipe here )
6 loaves of Cheddar English Muffin Bread (recipe here )
11 3/4 pound packages of Key Lime fudge (recipe here )
6 packages of Lemon Blueberry Scones (recipe at Rocknrecipes )
6 packages of Cherry,Triple Berry & Sunflower seed Scones
Yummy Overload!
Wish me luck at the bake sale tomorrow!


  1. WOW! You should have a great day at the bake sale. I'm sure none of the things you made will be coming back home with you.

  2. Good luck at the bake sale, wish you lived closer! Let us know how you do!

  3. Wow! Have you ever been busy and thank you for posting the recipes for us! I'd like to say "Thank you!" for the box that arrived in the mail today!! What a way to make a gloomy, rainy and snowy day into a cheerful one! Thank you!!!!!


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