Friday, March 18, 2011

Zipper crafts

Mr. P works at a manufacturing place where they make all different
kinds of things.  One of which is Christmas Tree stands (the ones
that are on trees that you buy from Christmas Tree lots).
So every once in awhile he brings me home a "Heart block" like
the ones above.
These three sit on my desk, and I have been thinking about how to
add a little pizazz to them.
Here is what I came up with!

This is the first one that I worked on.
Green is my favorite color so I modge podged some scrap book
paper in different shades of green on the block.
Then I added a green zipper with hot glue.

This is all three finished "Heart" blocks.

On this one I used a floral scrap book paper on two sides and
a textured pink paper on the other two.  Then added a purple zipper
with a purple pull to it.  On the top I used part of the zipper to make a
small rosette and added a button as the bud.

After modge podgeing  on the gold paper I added the words,
I  (heart) you this much near the bottom.
A red zipper is hot glued from the top of the block to the top
of the heart.
On the very top of the block is a red zipper flower, with a white
button and a smaller red button glued in the center of the white
They are all back in their place on my desk, but now they really
look SWEET :)
linking to DIY Showoff project parade here

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