Sunday, March 27, 2011

Knock knock & Thrift Bargians

These are my 3 latest thrift finds.  The package standing up at
the back is 3 cardboard desk organizers that you cover with
fabric.  The package on the left is a full size sheet, on the right is
5 yards of fabric!  Every thing was half off so my grand total
came to $ 3.69
I love thrift stores!
Now for the knock knock part...
This weekend Mr. P and I made a surprise visit to our daughter
& son-in-laws house.  When we got there I called Jolene on my cell
phone.  When she answered I said "knock knock"  when she replied
who's there I said me!  After a second or two she said your here?!
Even though we only stayed overnight, it was wonderful to
spend some time together! 

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  1. I am so IMPRESSED with your bargains! Quiltpecan and I always enjoy the thrift stores! We always go to them when she comes in : ) How many yards of fabric?? Enjoy your week!


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