Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flannel Embellished burp cloths

Today was day two of vacation!
My project for today was to make more burp cloths to
replenish my eBay store.  Since they have been selling like
hot cakes lately and I only had three sets left!
This is the first set made today,  There are ladybugs on a
turquoise color background.

I finished 8 sets today, of course even tho I am on vacation
there are still other things that have to be done :(

These owls are just so cute!  I wanted to get some sampler
sets done too, but ran out of time.  (had to make dinner)
My sampler sets have three different prints, instead of
three of the same print, as in the pictures here.
These are the three that I had left in my store all tied up &
ready to ship!


  1. These are great! Would you consider creating a tutorial for us? My daughter is interested in creating items to sell on Etsy, but we've never tried it. How did you get into it and how does it work? Thanks!

  2. I want the owl fabric!!!! Could you tell me the name of pattern/company ... or I could send you $$ and get me some!!! :-) So cute.... baby ideas are a big hit of course... and Sydneykatt & I are on the lookout. Check our blog soon for news on that! --Quiltpecan


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