Thursday, March 31, 2011

Epic Baking failures , I could just CRY :(

Well after spending the day in the kitchen with a almost 40
year old oven, I had some Epic Failures, a couple down right
disasters, and some sell-able goodies!  Above is the cinnamon
raisin bread that burnt in 15 minutes flat!

These are my scuffs!  They turned out great, but my kitchen Aid
food processor died while making them :(  Good thing I have all
spring and summer to try and replace it.  (will have to put it
on my gift wish list)
The recipe for these can be found at RocknRecipes blog

This is a carrot cake in my sunflower bunt pan!  It turned out

These two are my Darn Good Chocolate Cake!
They turned out pretty good too.
The Epic disasters are not pictured, and for good reason!
So even tho I really felt like Crying a few times through the
day, I still ended up with a few things for the bake sale :)


  1. Welcome to the club! I am President of all kinds of flaws and disasters! I am sure you will figure out a way that all will be fine : ) I'll bet your kitchen smells fantastic! What a truly great cook you are, now the oven......that is another story!

  2. Oh, I am so sorry that some of your baking burned!!! That is SO frustrating!! Are you going to get a new oven? Gosh, you did such a nice job with my Grandma Block's Scuff's recipe - how did they taste? I hope that you had success at your bake sale - it's so nice of you to do so much work for charity. God bless!


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