Monday, March 28, 2011

Calendar Pinwheels

A couple of weeks ago the store where I work marked all of
the 2011 calendars to 10 cents each!
I bough a bunch of them, because I had this idea to use them
to make pinwheels with.
This is the first batch minus the two that I gave to my daughter
this weekend.

This is a close up shot.
We get most of our rain in the summer here, so I laminated the
pattern pieces before cutting them out and attaching them to
the dowel stakes.
This way they won't be ruined after the first rain.  (we get
flash floods here)


  1. Great idea!!! Could you post a tutorial?? Would LOVE to do this with the kids at Children's Church!!! :-) or my daughter and nieces!! :-)

  2. Very Cute! What a great Idea to use Calendars!


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