Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crochet Hook & Knitting Needle tubes

  So after viewing Karen's (Sew Many Ways) Tool Time blog post yesterday I got inspired!  After hitting the time clock today it was off to the hardware store for some supply's.
  Once dinner was over and the kitchen tidied up it was off to my sewing/craft room.  First I pulled out the craft bond adhesive spray and then the Modge Podge  and a paint brush.  The fabric came from my scrap bag.   The first set of tubes were covered with fabric using the craft bond adhesive spray.  The second set were covered using Modge Podge.
  Then out came the hot glue gun and some silk flower blossoms.  I then glued one flower to the cap of each tube!  I think that they turned out fabulous! 
  Thank you Karen for the Awesome Tute & inspiration! 
You can find Karen's Tutorial here  tool-time-tuesdayknitting-needle-holder 


  1. OMG...these are so adorable. I just love the fabric. Such a great idea to cover them. I'm going to share this picture on my blog if you don't mind!!
    Thanks for the link too.

  2. Share away! You deserve the credit,I just took your idea and changed it up a little. :)


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