Tuesday, January 11, 2011

eBay auctions

  Every Tuesday in "The Happy Rooster" store there is a game called "The Penny Ante Game".  (It used to be played on the eBay blogs every week, until eBay shut down their blogs)  Sellers get together and list an auction starting at one penny!  Each auction is for 7 days.  There are always great deals to be bid on!  You never know just what you will find. 
  So if you are a buyer on eBay be sure to check out  all of the great deals to be had on the Penny Ante Game!
If you are a seller, be sure to join the game each week by listing a penny auction yourself!  (its a great way to attract new buyers to your listings and maybe your store too.(if you have one)
  Be sure to check it out either way, because you never know what you might find that you just can't live without!
Or maybe its just such a great deal it just can't be passed up!  You can find the game here...

  Happy eBaying!

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