Sunday, January 23, 2011

craft caddy for the car

  Today I decided to make some monkey bread, but for some reason the dough just wouldn't rise properly.  My yeast was good so that wasn't the problem.  I think that it was to cold in my kitchen.  It was only around 63 even with the oven on. 

  It still tastes good but it didn't look very nice since it didn't rise.  So I decided to post a picture of the cup holder craft caddy I made this evening instead!
  To give credit where credit is due I found the instructions on another blog, you can find them here..


  1. Does that really fit into a cupholder? You have a lot of stuff in there.

  2. Well, the caddy is actually a tin can covered in fabric and then placed inside a old style cup holder. The black piece you can see sticking out behind the scissors is what you use to hang it from the window of your car! :) So Yes all that stuff really fits!


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