Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Tree

  Finally felt up to decorating the ole Christmas Tree this afternoon.  I had been sick since returning from Gil's Graduation.  Maybe I'm finally giving this nasty bug the boot!  Yay!!  Dug all of the Christmas decorations out of  the shed today.  Also my solar snowman lights too.  Had a hard time getting them charged today as the sun payed tag with the clouds all day.  However they are all working so they must have charged enough!!  They are so cute, I love them :)
  The only thing that didn't get put up were the outside lights.  So tomorrow we will have to work on getting those put up too.  Also have to get my Christmas presents finished for my hubby's bosses, as their Christmas party is on Tuesday the fourteenth!  Only three days away, yikes!  Time to get them finished before I run out of time!   Also need to make a new Tree skirt because I can't find mine anywhere!

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