Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Handcrafted Christmas Ornaments

  I have been making these ornaments for almost as long as my son is old!  They are very time consuming, but turn out so beautiful, they are worth every second it takes to make them!  In the past I sold them only at craft fairs, but now I sell them in my eBay store too.  It is hard to part with them but I know that I can't keep them all!
  So I settle for keeping my favorites, which decorate my own tree every year! :)  What do you think? All comments are appreciated!


  1. So gorgeous! I love the variety of colors and cute toppers, my favorites are the bears. Are they all different sizes?

  2. Thank you! The ones in this picture are all the same size(3 1/4" Long by 2 3/4" wide) However I have different sizes available in my eBay store!


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