Saturday, October 23, 2010

John Deer Tractor Bag/purse

  Today has been a very productive day,at least in my sewing room it was!  LOL! Can't say it was anywhere else around the house.  Made a nice John Deer bag,that can be used for a shopping bag,or a purse!  It is lined and has two pockets on the inside.  One on the back inside and one on the side inside.  Both pockets are from blue jeans.  One is from a adult size pair of jeans and the other one is from a child's pair of jeans.
  Also made another bag from a Blue jean Mini-Skirt.  This bag is also lined,but it only has one pocket.  Which is on the inside at the back.  Next  on the agenda were two Eeyore fleece pillows,which are finished except for sewing closed the opening used for stuffing them.  And lastly three sets of kitchen hand towels are embellished and ready to be listed on eBay!  Wow what a day!


  1. Wow! Those are really awesome! I love the belt accent on the skirt purse.


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